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Fruitastic News: Frutiz Launches Exciting New Roblox Game

We're berry excited to announce the launch of our brand new Roblox game - Frutiz Adventure: Obby Quest! Join Tutti, Banani, Nessi, and the whole Frutiz bunch in this fun-filled fruity world.

Fruitopia Beckons You!

In Frutiz Adventure, you'll explore the magical world of Fruitopia, where wondrous fruit-themed locations await. Bounce across pineapple forests, climb coconut trees to breathtaking views, and zipline over glistening berry rivers in this virtual fruit paradise!

Along the way, keep an eye out for sparkling stars to collect. These stars serve as in-game currency you can use to unlock awesome avatars, playable characters, and special abilities to aid your adventure. See how many stars you can collect and watch your name climb the star leaderboard!

Meet Your New Frutiz Friends

As you explore Fruitopia, you'll meet familiar faces like Tutti, Banani, Nessi, Mengi, and Booki! Chat with them, take on their fun quests, and even adopt one of the Frutiz bunch as your very own sidekick. Having a Frutiz pal by your side makes every adventure even more enjoyable!

With its vibrant world, charming characters, and forever-fruitful gameplay, Frutiz Adventure: Obby Quest brings the magic of Frutiz to life like never before. We can't wait for you to embark on an epic journey across Fruitopia!

Search "Frutiz Adventure" on Roblox and start your fruity fun today!

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