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Booki In the Wood.jpg

Booki the Avocado is a good guy at heart. Despite being lazy and laid back, he is always willing to help out his friends when they need him. He has a friendly personality and loves everyone he meets. His cooking skills are remarkable and he is always ready to offer a hug. He enjoys relaxing and taking it easy but can surprise people with his determination and strength of character in tough times.

What Booki Wants? Booki wants tranquility and harmony. His emotional need is stability and calm. His goal is to maintain the peace. He's afraid of upheaval or unrest. The stakes ratchet up when Booki must take leadership during a crisis.


The Humorous Traits of Booki:

  • Extremely laidback and lazy, always looking to relax or take a nap

  • Speaking and moving in slow motion as if perpetually chilled out

  • Forgets things easily and misses what's going on due to his relaxed nature

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