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Banani the Banana is a kind and gentle soul. She is the light of the group, always bringing warmth and joy to those around her. She has an infectious laugh and a great sense of humor that draws people to her. She is also incredibly brave and willing to take risks for the benefit of the group. She is loyal and devoted to her friends, always looking out for them and standing up for them in troubled times.

What does Banani want? Banani wants friendship and togetherness. Her emotional need is to feel connected and loved. Her goal is to bring others together. She's afraid of loneliness or abandonment. The stakes increase when a conflict threatens to fracture the group.


The Humorous Traits of Banani:

  • Warm, cheerful attitude brings laughter wherever she goes

  • Clumsy and accident-prone, often slipping or falling in funny ways

  • Contagious and infectious laugh lights up any situation

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