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Tutti Wave Surf.jpg

Tutti the strawberry is a courageous leader and the center of attention. He is a surfer and loves to explore the world. He is always looking for adventure and is never afraid to take risks. His charisma and bravery make him a natural leader and he always has a plan for any situation. He is also a bit of a daredevil and loves to push his boundaries and defy convention.


What does Tutti want? Tutti wants adventure and thrills. His emotional need is to feel free and unconstrained. His goal is to explore new places. He's afraid of being trapped or stuck in one place. The stakes are raised when Tutti's quest for excitement leads him somewhere dangerous.


The Humorous Traits of Tutti:

  • Loves adventure and taking risks, which often leads to silly mishaps.

  • Bold and charismatic personality makes him the center of attention.

  • Showboating and dramatic reactions are always amusing.

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