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Coco the Coconut is a tough and strong character. He is confident and knows his own strength, which makes him an invaluable asset to the group. He is always willing to take risks and help out in a tough situation. He also loves challenging himself, lifting weights and training so that he can become even stronger. He is loyal to his friends and never backs down from a fight, making him a great protector of the group.


What Coco Wants? Coco wants respect and recognition. His emotional need is validation and praise. His goal is to prove his strength. He's afraid of failure or weakness. The stakes mount when Coco's cockiness gets him in too deep.


The Humorous Traits of Coco:

  • Tough guy attitude leads to him boasting and showing off

  • Attempts to impress others with "feats of strength" that go comically wrong

  • Takes himself very seriously despite silly mishaps

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