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Carry the Carrot is a bit of a nerd. He loves to study and analyze things, and he always has an invention in the works. He is incredibly smart and resourceful, able to solve any problem with his wit and intelligence. He is also very loyal and trustworthy, always looking out for his friends and supporting them no matter what. In difficult times, Carry shines and proves himself to be a true friend.

What Carry wants? Carry wants knowledge and competence. His emotional need is capability and mastery. His goal is to understand everything. He's afraid of ignorance or ineptitude. The stakes increase when an unsolvable mystery arises.


The Humorous Traits of Carry:

  • Nerdy and intellectual but oblivious to social cues

  • Goes off on long verbose explanations that confuse everyone

  • Invents wacky gadgets and contraptions that seem brilliant to him but fail hilariously

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