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Mengi the Mango is a sweet and adorable character. Although she loves to sing, she is quite shy and doesn't open her mouth very often. But when she does, everyone is mesmerized by her beautiful voice. She is kind, lovable, and very trusting. She loves nature and enjoys spending time in the garden, tending to her plants and flowers. Her gentleness and warmth make her an important part of the group.

What Mengi Wants? Mengi wants confidence and belonging. Her emotional need is acceptance and reassurance. Her goal is to find her voice. She's afraid of embarrassment or rejection. The stakes escalate when stage fright endangers an important performance.


The Humorous Traits of Mengi:

  • Adorably shy, her reactions when embarrassed are hilarious

  • Sings silly improvised songs, unaware they make little sense

  • Lovable innocence means she takes things literally

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